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The Main Stage at Boise Rec Fest features local Idaho acts and is brought to you by Boise Weekly. Music booking for the Boise Weekly Main Stage is by Go Listen Boise and sound & production is by Audio Lab. Ron O'Brian, Idaho's only Airborne Traffic Reporter, will emcee.



12:00 - Sonic Minstrel
1:00 - Bellamy Rose
2:00 - low-fi
3:00 - Bank
4:00 - Poke
5:00 - Gizzard Stone
6:00 - Thomas Paul
7:00 - Steve Fulton


12:00 - Boise Rock School
1:00 - Soul Serene
2:00 - New Transit
3:00 - Sleepy Seeds
4:00 - Finn Riggins

Note: Schedule is subject to change.


Bands playing at Boise Rec Fest include:



Infectious and upbeat pop-rock lace Bank’s newest effort, “The Alive E.P.” Paying homage to Weezer and Death Cab for Cutie, Dan Keck’s knack for an intimate and pointed lyric and brother Andrew’s ear for rhythmic subtlety make for an explosive and fun live show experience.

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Bellamy Rose is an Americana band from Boise, Idaho who began their journey in December 2006 with two voices and two guitars. Their unique style and approach is a classic crossover mix between bluegrass, alternative country and blues. Vocal harmonies and original songwriting are the hallmarks of this quintet. Each member brings a diverse musical style and energy that is dynamic and always a crowd pleaser. Many fans have commented on their music as "Comfortably Different". The band is Marc Grubert, Brian Hoffman, MK Rosen, and James Adams. April 2008 saw the release of their first CD entitled "Tracks". Currently, they are hard at work on their soon to be released, dynamic effort they call "Midnight Freight".

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Established in the spring of 2008 - the Boise Rock School is a local, independent music school that teaches kids 6-17 how to rock! The Boise Rock School is dedicated to making the youth of the Treasure Valley more creative, impassioned and talented. In turn making our community a better place to live. In addition to after school classes, the Boise Rock School also teaches outreach classes at Idaho schools. Kid bands from the Boise Rock School have played the Knitting Factory, The Grove, the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games, The Linen Building, The Record Exchange, and other great venues in Idaho.

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"On their second full length, Vs. Wilderness, Idaho-based band Finn Riggins merge the dynamic tendencies of progressive rock with the quirky side of '00s indie rock. The band's pairing of these two sets of influences places the album somewhere between recent tourmates Built To Spill and classic 70s prog-rock a la Rush, or more modern progressive revivalists The Mars Volta. The album offers a range of moods, from quaint indie-pop leaning tracks driven by the group's male-female harmonies to more grandiose tracks in the mode of The Arcade Fire." -- Amelia Raitt /

Cameron Bouiss (drums + steel drum), Lisa Simpson (elec. guitar + vocals) and Eric Gilbert (keyboards + vocals) formed Finn Riggins in 2006 in the high mountains and open ranges of Idaho. They signed with Portland, OR-based label Tender Loving Empire in the Spring of 2007 and have been touring the country relentlessly since. Finn Riggins released their second full length Vs Wilderness (Tender Loving Empire) in October 2009 and are currently touring the US in support of it. They are currently based out of Boise, ID.

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Gizzard Stone is a collective of five musicians, all of diverse talents, who bring a wide interest in differing styles and genres and combine them through professional level musicality. Bernie Reilly play the cello, violin, accordion, mandolin, drums and guitar. Rob Hill is an accomplished player of both fretted and non-fretted bass guitars. Louis McFarland plays the drum. Thomas Paul hails from the wastelands of eastern Idaho, where, out of the frozen winds and grounds white with hoar frost, he honed and practiced his music and moved to Boise. Ryan Wissinger has played music for glory and money for over twelve years now.

Our style is a direct reflection of our diverse musical interest. Our most commonly heard compliment at shows, is an appreciation of our song choices, and the blend of originals nestled between the cover songs. We can polka, jazz it up, rock it out, and then play a bluegrass tune, and have been known to do it all to the same song, just for a laugh and a challenge. By far, our most marketable quality is that we simply enjoy what we do, and it shows. And the fun that we have on stage, translates back to the audience.





Low-Fi self released our first album "Where You Are" in 2007. In Fall of 2009 our song "War" was nominated for an "Independant Music Award" in the category of "Sing OUt For Social Action." In February of 2010 our song "Where You Are" was used in it's entirety on the CW show "One tree Hill"

Low-Fi will be going into the studio this Spring for album #2 which they will again self-release.

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New Transit is an eclectic blend of (New) rock and Alt. country music. Punctuating on 2-3 part harmonies and the distinct writing styles of co-front men A. Nigel Gates and Sean Hatton. Louis Mcfarland (Drums) centers the band and adds a edgy dimension to round out a unique 3piece which often includes a revolving door of "featured" guests, such as Dave Manion (pedal steel), Matt Hopper (guitar), Thomas Paul (guitar), and Ben Burdick (Guitar).




Johnny Cash walks into a bar and meets Jimmi Hendrix. They start chattin’ about forming a band. The result is Poke, who has a river of songs deep and wide … country, hillbilly, rockabilly, polka, surf, rock, and more. Every song is unique, upbeat, and entertaining.

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A three-piece rock band new to Boise. Joey Corsentino and Marty Martin moved to Idaho from Colorado last year with the sole intention of joining the Boise indie music scene. Recently added drummer Chad Keever is now helping to make their dream a reality. Sleepy Seeds have a mostly mellow, melodic sound which is complimented by occasionally heavy guitar wizardry.

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Sonic Minstrel uses the art of looping to create gourmet music that is emotional and ambient yet full of groove and delicious melodies!




Soul Serene is a Rock/Pop/Reggae Band that hails from Boise, ID. The original music of Soul Serene is energetic and explosive, yet smooth and sometimes psychedelic. The music is influenced by the likes of The Beatles, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan. Soul Serene sounds like Sublime, Dispatch, Pearl Jam and the Stone temple Pilotes. The band loves to throw a few familiar covers into the mix also; sometimes playing them in a traditional style or adding a fresh new twist.

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Steve Fulton is an exceptional singer-songwriter, producer, and recording engineer. He is a household name in his hometown of Boise, Idaho, where he also owns and operates one of the states finest recording studios The Audio Lab.

For the past 13 years, Fulton has served as singer and guitarist in the group House of Hoi Polloi, which has recorded five albums and toured extensively throughout the Northwest. 4 years ago he began a solo endeavor. Fulton first performed his Solo material live when he opened for Tori Amos in front of 3,000 people at the Idaho Center. Since then, he has released two Solo CDs on his Uncommon Records label a full-length album, Shock Remission, and a four-song EP. He is in the final stages of recording his 3rd Solo CD called 'Said & Heard' to be released Nov. 5th 2005. Fulton has also recently opened for such acclaimed artists as Jewel, Shaun Colvin, John Hiatt, Mindy Smith and the Wallflowers.

Fulton is also passionate about making his community a better place. In addition to performing for a variety of benefit concerts over the years, he serves as mentor to a wide array of local musicians and engineers, provides job-shadowing opportunities and internships, and gets involved in many projects with youths.

He is also the Creator and founder of 'Words & Music' a showcase of singer songwriters in which there are a number of Solo artists who play 2 songs solo and then after an intermission come back to join together with Drums, Piano Cello, Lap steel and various other instruments to perform a group playing a song from each artist as a large 'super band' this has been done twice and has nearly sold out both times in Large Intimate Theater settings. The admission price includes a CD and handmade program with pictures and Bios of each Artist!

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Thomas Paul is an eclectic singer-songwriter, composer and bandleader from Boise, Idaho. Thomas' performances can be anything, from intimate solo lounge crooning to a fully realized rock ensemble to experimental art-noise. Recently named one of Boise's top singers and musicians, the multi-instrumentalist and part-time music teacher has a wide variety of influences and genres that infiltrate his material. His most recent release, "House On Fire," was released in March of 2009 and features some of Boise's finest musicians. The album masterfully combines elements of swing, funk, country, indie-rock, bluegrass, jazz, blues, psychedelia, bedroom folk and Latin music into a seamless whole.

Presently Thomas is primarily focusing on his own music. The current incarnation of his band features Thomas on vocals, guitar, electric piano, Moog, mandolin and more; in addition to, Bob Nagel (upright bass), Louis McFarland (drums, percussion), Bernie Reilly (guitar,vocals,violin,cello,banjo), Jonah Shue (violin,guitar,fiddle) and many more fine musicians from around the Northwest. Thomas' newest material has him exploring a more soulful, jazzy, and R&B oriented vein of independent rock music, both in a band and solo-artist context.

In 2010, Thomas embarks on several ambitious projects: recording both an intimate solo acoustic album (scheduled for release in SPRING 2010) and a soul and jazz inspired full-band document, as well as extensive touring and teaching. Album release dates and tour itineraries to be announced soon.

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Ron O'Brian, Emcee

Ron O’Brian is Idaho’s only Airborne Traffic Reporter, bringing Treasure Valley commuters weekday traffic information. You’ll hear Ron on 670 KBOI-AM, 97-9 KQFC-FM, 96.9 KKGL-FM, and Fox 12 TV.  

Ron has lived in the Treasure Valley since 2005 and loves the outdoor recreation variety available. In his spare time Ron is very active - from working out at Idaho Athletic, to mountain biking and hiking, tennis and golf, rafting, long bike rides on the greenbelt, snow shoeing, and cross country skiing.

For appearance and emcee information, send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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